Engaging with the community in Leeds and creating artwork for the City Varieties

 This was a really good project for me. It was the first where I have fully directed the delivery of a project solely, from idea generation and initial meetings to sourcing materials and delivering the work. It was good fun.

My involvement in the project was to produce an "interactive" mural, celebrating 150 years of the institution running and providing quality entertainment to the city. With it being a music hall with an emphasis on variety, I wanted to show variety in the work - so characters include: Houdini, Doc Brown, Peter Pan, Lilly Lantry, Three stooges, performing animals and more. It was pretty cool to re interpret the Royal coat of arms too... TREASON! Luckily it's not 1402, so I'm sure I'll survive.


I made mini murals for kids to paint, left the stooges heads uncoloured for anyone who wanted to get involved (this ran the gamut from two year olds up to 90 year olds!!) I couldnt believe how many people were interested in having a go. All involved signed the bottom too.

Im not going to lie - I was precious about the mural I'd spent a week on but now looking at it I think it was great that there was so much communal involvement and makes me kind of proud to have co ordinated and delivered it.



One of the nicest things for me about the end result of the project is that the Varieties decided to display my work in 42 New Briggate In Central Leeds for a while. Its always nice when two week's worth  of ball busting graft is recognised. Quite an honour really. So thanks guys!

so ... anyone got a wall to paint? >.<

J x