Nicki Minaj Set graffiti with Lord Whitney and R Dog

So... A strange sequence of events happened about a month ago, I was working in the paint shop when I got a call from my friend Rdog, saying can I come and paint at a studio in Kirkstall, Leeds in the evening - I said yes and it turned out to be painting on the set of Nicki Minaj's new music video: The Night Is Still Young... Here's some photos - The part I did was only small but theres a few pictures of R Dog's piece too. All Photos credit to Lord Whitney, A local agency who are up to big things, it was a pleasure working with these guys.

So the story aparently goes, That Nicki was'nt happy with the set made for her video in L.A, and wouldnt film on it, so She wanted one doing last minute in the next city she was touring in so the video could be released on time, That turned out to be Leeds, and I ended up just being involved. Im the bald guy at the back in the black and white photo haha. This isnt a claim to fame so much as just a funny thing that happened to me. I painted an all seing eye too, which I thought was a little personal fist in the air.