52 Weeks of Freaks 26

This is Lemmo. Hes a lemming, Hes a bit dumb. Always bumping into things, but hes a good dude and he'll do anything for anyone. A little Naive at times, but follows his heart, even if thats of the edge of a cliff..!

Originally inspired by this image above, Which i drew towards the end of Last summer. Always liked this sketch and wanted to do something with it, so I did.

Its quite cool to see how my style has changed in a year, Its more confident and bold these days I think. A bit like me I guess. I was terrified of people last summer except for my closest friends. Ive come out of my shell recently. Accepting the fact Im a social inept helps really. I prove this to myself regularly in failing at verbal exchanges with people. I dont mind though, Im happy to just be me and pay no mind to what anyone thinks of me.