52 weeks of freaks update : 17

I Loved doing this one, it was just a no thought sketch at first, until I was presented with the OP-1 synthesiser made by Teenage Engineering.. wow, you can fiddle with cow stomachs to make noises and watch psychedelic tetrahedral patterns emerge out of the sounds your making. Its like Taking LSD without taking LSD and just tinkering with a Keyboard. AWESOME. So I incorporated that synth into this little guys mits. He's called Reese cause thats a drum and bass synth noise


ok fine.

Without a doubt my favourite so far. Its got everything I want my art to have in it all the time, skulls, tongues, wibbles, wobbles, drips, green, purple, bulgy things. sigh.

Ive been fully intending to do a proper tutorial on my blog for a while now but You buggers asking for tutorials are also asking for copius amounts of work out of me at the moment so juggle juggle go figure!

fun fun

see ya soon x