52 weeks of freaks update: 14

"A Big dragonfly that was really cool and was trying to hypnotise you and get in mum and dads house and you were like : Nah man thats not cool" my sister explaining a dream she had to me the other day. I mean come one, that one was handed to me on a plate right?

Getting this A3 sketchbook was literally one of the best things I've ever done. Im noticing my work getting tighter, and more fearless as this project goes on. Im also noticing a rise in commissioned work coming my way, which is absolutely awesome and something i didnt really expect but Im greatful as hell for!

So people are saying this is the best one yet, I dont know... newton the Axolotyl is still taking it for me, but I feel like the quality of these characters is changing, which is good, but makes me a little bit concerned about the consistency of the project. But i suppose there again, evolution isnt something you really plan for, it just tends to happen based on your mindset, level of activity and life circumstance? something like that - Id rather think about drawing. 

So! I did a speed paint for this one... 

These vids are a bit dodgy, I cant afford decent software so I do what i can with remnants of my student life.

See you next week, looking forward to it peeeps!