52 weeks of freaks update 13

THIS WEEK!! THIS WEEK I HAD A BREAK THROUGH! Basically I bought some brush pen refills and an A3 sketch pad... BUT drawing at A3 with a brush pen, for me? THAT is special times. It worked so friggin nice! Little bit of tidying up the lines here and there with a fineliner but on the whole, I think Ive found my preferred size for drawing in sketchbooks. Def.EE.Nite.Ley.

The inspiration for this one? Meh. Ive always wanted to draw an axolotl and have never had the chance so I thought I would, because after all thats what this project is all about, its to allow me the freedom to draw whatever I want within a taxonomy of things.

I traced the lines exactly on this one, so you can see how much flow the bigger size of the book actually gives to the brush pen, the kind of blobby thick and thin look to the lines I like to do works beauty at this size as well. Decided to add some transparency into this one to make it like an actual amphibian with cloudy clear skin.

Up to this point, without a shadow of a doubt, this one is my favourite! Catch you on the flip x