52 weeks of freaks update 12

Week 12 brings us a B Boy pidgeon. This came around because I've been working in a graffiti supplies shop in leeds for a while now, and alot of artsy folk mill through there on a regular basis. One of these folk is a graff artist who goes by the name of Hyrograff, his signature character is a pidgeon with a fade /  B Boy attire. He came in, we were talking about this project and he said he'd be interested to see what one of his characters would look like in my style, so I just went ahead and did it like a whippit in heat. His are better. 

This sketch doesnt really do anything for me, Its devoid of my usual wobbly style and kinda misses the point of the re interpretation because of that I think. Lesson learned.

I do like how this one turned out, its kinda different for me I guess and the colours blended up pretty nice on this one.

See ya next week. x