52 weeks of freaks update 11

So number 11 rolls around, Im now 25 and feeling quite good about it, Im starting this year off with a mindset of being pro active, positive, NOT complaining and saying yes to things. Im also going to attempt to do something creative every day to keep the juices flowing.  

Anyway, number 11 doesnt really have anything to do with anything - and came to me while i was looking at some moisturiser that said "Pampelmousse" on it. I now know after a quick google refer that this means grapefruit in french, but to me it summoned up a huge ridiculous pale flompy dragon moose with flailing arms and huge eyes. So thats exactly what I drew.

(Im incredibly behind on my blog posts by the way, I am aware of this. Im not going to back date them because whats the point?

The sketch for this one was done in an incredibly hurried fashion, as i was quite frenetic in my efforts to communicate my flash of inspiration gifted to me by grapefruit scented moisturiser.. Number 11 in its entirety was quite a quick one to be honest, But I do like this one / am slightly intimidated by it.