52 weeks of freaks update 21

Yet another graff shop scrib and squig turned shiny and sexy like a big underwater octopus flambé. The day I did this, a guy who makes awesome little sufobi figures came into the shop with a friend of mine and fellow artist. The two of them have been working on some custom figures and they brought them into the shop to show Brett and me. For those of you who have been living under a pidgeon turd for the last 5 years, Sufobi means soft vinyl in japanese (i think haha) and its a bit of a craze over there and in the US. Think of these figures as kind of like the Anti - Kid robot kind of vinyl movement. Much more DIY, with a community behind it of people who arent elitist in their outlook towards others creating in the scene. The figures are often imperfect, warped, wierd as fuck and ALWAYS really colourful. 

Anyway they were showing me loads of figures and im SO inspired its crazy. I might even make one! But there was one of a Vampire bat that was really cool and it inspired this.

So the first eyes i didnt like on this one, they were too like what i always do and i wanted this one to be a bit diferent and to keep sort of experimenting with my developing style. Then I remembered that one of the guys told me he made his son a "spider bat" figure by combining a batman and spider man figure - and i was like... oooh give the bat loads of eyes!! so i did

Myeh. Myeh.

see you soon freaky deakys