52 weeks of freaks update 20

So Another graff shop scribble turned freak for this one, A very good friend of mine inspired this one. He's really into healthy wholistic living and nature, I think he's a gardener by trade these days and has a massive love for bonsai trees. A few summers ago we hung out a lot, went out and meditated in nature, talked about pretty big shit and walked the same path quite closely for a while. We made a few beats together too and im kinda quite sad actually that that tapered off. I was finishing university at the time and my head was all over the place so I dissappeared form my own social life for a good couple of years. As those of you who know me might have noticed ;


IM BACK MOFOS! haha :)

Anyway Mikey, if you read this mate this one's for you! See it as making up for that squid sweater that never happened! Congratulations on your amazing news as well bro!

I had to do this one quite quickly so i actually just live traced the sketch for this one to make it a vector, which is why the contrast is quite high on the image above. Higher contrast, better live trace. But I dont think you can tell its live traced! It might even be my new favourite!

The colours blended up really nicely on this one. I really feel like Im getting some sort of style together thats becoming quite consistant as time goes on with this project. Well done me for deciding to do this. Oh gee, thanks me.

Catch you later x