52 Weeks of Freaks Update: Week 9

The week before christmas, Ive had the crazyest month so far. A real whirlwind of having way too much freelance work to do - I guess I shouldnt complain I guess I must be doing something right.. Travelling here, there and everyewhere for mural work - some of which included painting giant reindeers to look like zebras.. The cat dying and moving house. Woah! Im ready to just chill out over christmas I think! So I thought i'd go a little christmas themed - and do a christmassy freak. ITS KRAMPUS -  GRUß VON KRAMPUS!

This again was a quick one, I promise Ill stop pushing shite illustrations on you guys as soon as I get the time to really do some justice to them.

For those of you that dont know, Krampus is a Faun (Goat man Satan looking type thing) That follows Santa around replacing kids presents with Coal. The little shit.

Happy Krampus Everyone. Hope its a good one for yas

J x