52 Weeks of Freaks Update : Week 7, Sludger

This one was just so I drew something to be honest, still not coping great with losing my little buddy Tolly, Im also moving house and getting ready to do a large commission (for me) in London. I just wanted to try draw something wicked and take myself out of my own life for a while. So here's the Sketch.


I love mechanical pencil sketching, the weight differences you can get with these things is great, and its effectively a fine liner so thin lines is nice. No sharpening is a bonus too.

This one ended up being a very big character, and only just fits the format.

I think this is one of my favourites, despite the fact its too big almost for the frame. But i like the colours and level of detail here. My favourite part I think is the little stubby freak arms.


see you next week, 

J  x