Just a quick silly post. I did a subversion of the Starbucks logo recently, I thought it was funny how convincing it looked so I wanted to share.

Engaging with the community in Leeds and creating artwork for the City Varieties

 This was a really good project for me. It was the first where I have fully directed the delivery of a project solely, from idea generation and initial meetings to sourcing materials and delivering the work. It was good fun.

My involvement in the project was to produce an "interactive" mural, celebrating 150 years of the institution running and providing quality entertainment to the city. With it being a music hall with an emphasis on variety, I wanted to show variety in the work - so characters include: Houdini, Doc Brown, Peter Pan, Lilly Lantry, Three stooges, performing animals and more. It was pretty cool to re interpret the Royal coat of arms too... TREASON! Luckily it's not 1402, so I'm sure I'll survive.


I made mini murals for kids to paint, left the stooges heads uncoloured for anyone who wanted to get involved (this ran the gamut from two year olds up to 90 year olds!!) I couldnt believe how many people were interested in having a go. All involved signed the bottom too.

Im not going to lie - I was precious about the mural I'd spent a week on but now looking at it I think it was great that there was so much communal involvement and makes me kind of proud to have co ordinated and delivered it.



One of the nicest things for me about the end result of the project is that the Varieties decided to display my work in 42 New Briggate In Central Leeds for a while. Its always nice when two week's worth  of ball busting graft is recognised. Quite an honour really. So thanks guys!

so ... anyone got a wall to paint? >.<

J x

A little backlog of freaks.

The 52 weeks of freaks project now is very much a part of my week, with it being something I look forward to doing and seeing what I can make happen. Im starting to prefer the simpler characters with less detail and the ones that are less figurative - clod, for example I think is a good development and has character - without having much of an anthropomorphic form to him - he's basically a blob with legs. I think blobs with legs may have to happen more, to me he's fun and easy to look at, A few of the others in here feel a bit contrived and laboured to me, especially the rabbit, really not liking that one. its very... "look at me"

I like this one.. It feels different to some of the others. Kind of fun and culty. 

I like this one.. It feels different to some of the others. Kind of fun and culty. 

Clod! Love this little guy. The last few weeks have been good and bad - but consistantly busy. Ive been working on a pretty big project for the city varieties which needed a lot of prep work so some of the freaks kind of fell to the wayside a little. I think this may need to become an exercise in innovative use of simple shapes and ideas rather than over hamming on tricks and gimmicks.

Nicki Minaj Set graffiti with Lord Whitney and R Dog

So... A strange sequence of events happened about a month ago, I was working in the paint shop when I got a call from my friend Rdog, saying can I come and paint at a studio in Kirkstall, Leeds in the evening - I said yes and it turned out to be painting on the set of Nicki Minaj's new music video: The Night Is Still Young... Here's some photos - The part I did was only small but theres a few pictures of R Dog's piece too. All Photos credit to Lord Whitney, A local agency who are up to big things, it was a pleasure working with these guys.

So the story aparently goes, That Nicki was'nt happy with the set made for her video in L.A, and wouldnt film on it, so She wanted one doing last minute in the next city she was touring in so the video could be released on time, That turned out to be Leeds, and I ended up just being involved. Im the bald guy at the back in the black and white photo haha. This isnt a claim to fame so much as just a funny thing that happened to me. I painted an all seing eye too, which I thought was a little personal fist in the air. 

52 Weeks of Freaks 27


I really like this one. The name comes from a Hip hop beat I produced about 5 years ago. But the character itself I feel, looking back on it now, is the product of a very steep learning curve for me. to me, these marks on paper say:

Not everyone is going to understand you, not everyone is going to appreciate the real you, not everyone is interested in what you have to say and that sometimes you need to hold back and let go.

I was talking to someone recently who showed me that expressing yourself honestly is easy, because its a theraputic process and therefor can and will just pour out of you organically, however different or strange that may appear to you as the creator. The beauty of that is, its that difference that makes others love your creative expression. The same person also showed me that sometimes we dont always know how to express ourselves to eachother as people and this can affect things in funny ways. Its been a stark reminder to me that We really should treat eachother with respect as equals. You learn that when you arent treated that way I guess and its been happening quite alot to me recently in varying walks of life. Its really just made me even more thankful for my love for drawing and creating. So thanks - you know who you are if you ever read this.

This Image is an important one to me and will always serve as a reminder to have my third mind open, and my wits about me.

Never stopping. Stay well! x

52 Weeks of Freaks 26

This is Lemmo. Hes a lemming, Hes a bit dumb. Always bumping into things, but hes a good dude and he'll do anything for anyone. A little Naive at times, but follows his heart, even if thats of the edge of a cliff..!

Originally inspired by this image above, Which i drew towards the end of Last summer. Always liked this sketch and wanted to do something with it, so I did.

Its quite cool to see how my style has changed in a year, Its more confident and bold these days I think. A bit like me I guess. I was terrified of people last summer except for my closest friends. Ive come out of my shell recently. Accepting the fact Im a social inept helps really. I prove this to myself regularly in failing at verbal exchanges with people. I dont mind though, Im happy to just be me and pay no mind to what anyone thinks of me.


52 Weeks of Freaks 25

I like the idea of like on other planets, in other star systems. Did you know theres over 2,000,000 planets in our galaxy that are just like our mother earth? Sheers probability suggests that there is of course life on other planets. If their aliens, then we're aliens. Little monkeys on a rock playing with atomic fire! Im sure thats caught someones attention.

So this one was inspired by the Roswell crash, Where a survivor was supposedly rescued and began to work at area 51, He went by the name of J rod. I bet he liked (or likes) weed.

52 Weeks of freaks 23

I was pretty sleep deprived when i did this one, working all the way through the night for a week on a bar commission, I guess the subject matter of that job bled into this image.

52 weeks of freaks update 21

Yet another graff shop scrib and squig turned shiny and sexy like a big underwater octopus flambé. The day I did this, a guy who makes awesome little sufobi figures came into the shop with a friend of mine and fellow artist. The two of them have been working on some custom figures and they brought them into the shop to show Brett and me. For those of you who have been living under a pidgeon turd for the last 5 years, Sufobi means soft vinyl in japanese (i think haha) and its a bit of a craze over there and in the US. Think of these figures as kind of like the Anti - Kid robot kind of vinyl movement. Much more DIY, with a community behind it of people who arent elitist in their outlook towards others creating in the scene. The figures are often imperfect, warped, wierd as fuck and ALWAYS really colourful. 

Anyway they were showing me loads of figures and im SO inspired its crazy. I might even make one! But there was one of a Vampire bat that was really cool and it inspired this.

So the first eyes i didnt like on this one, they were too like what i always do and i wanted this one to be a bit diferent and to keep sort of experimenting with my developing style. Then I remembered that one of the guys told me he made his son a "spider bat" figure by combining a batman and spider man figure - and i was like... oooh give the bat loads of eyes!! so i did

Myeh. Myeh.

see you soon freaky deakys


52 weeks of freaks update 20

So Another graff shop scribble turned freak for this one, A very good friend of mine inspired this one. He's really into healthy wholistic living and nature, I think he's a gardener by trade these days and has a massive love for bonsai trees. A few summers ago we hung out a lot, went out and meditated in nature, talked about pretty big shit and walked the same path quite closely for a while. We made a few beats together too and im kinda quite sad actually that that tapered off. I was finishing university at the time and my head was all over the place so I dissappeared form my own social life for a good couple of years. As those of you who know me might have noticed ;


IM BACK MOFOS! haha :)

Anyway Mikey, if you read this mate this one's for you! See it as making up for that squid sweater that never happened! Congratulations on your amazing news as well bro!

I had to do this one quite quickly so i actually just live traced the sketch for this one to make it a vector, which is why the contrast is quite high on the image above. Higher contrast, better live trace. But I dont think you can tell its live traced! It might even be my new favourite!

The colours blended up really nicely on this one. I really feel like Im getting some sort of style together thats becoming quite consistant as time goes on with this project. Well done me for deciding to do this. Oh gee, thanks me.

Catch you later x

52 weeks of freaks update 19

I WANT AN ENGLISH BULL TERRIER. Really bad. So I drew one, I draw alot of dogs for some reason.. In other news, where on earth have 19 weeks gone! I cant believe I'm almost half way through this project. Its brought me so much and Really helped me get my shit right over the last few months. I highly recommend starting a weekly creative project!

catch you next week Dawg! Ive got a load of live art and murals to plan so I shall do my best to keep up to date with this! 

52 weeks of freaks update : 18

This one came out of a commission I landed a little while ago, I was asked to do a mural in the Beehive Pub in Bradford by its owner while painting in Leeds, So I thought perfect two birds one stone!

so here's the little nubster, I also did a kind of version of it on a wall for the mural, perspective isnt exactly my best attribute at the moment, but Im working on it. Dont judge me too harshly!

Its also not the best picture in the world, but Im going back there when the place is all refurbed and nice to take some better shots of it.

Ive been a busy bee. Anyway bye

52 weeks of freaks update : 17

I Loved doing this one, it was just a no thought sketch at first, until I was presented with the OP-1 synthesiser made by Teenage Engineering.. wow, you can fiddle with cow stomachs to make noises and watch psychedelic tetrahedral patterns emerge out of the sounds your making. Its like Taking LSD without taking LSD and just tinkering with a Keyboard. AWESOME. So I incorporated that synth into this little guys mits. He's called Reese cause thats a drum and bass synth noise


ok fine.

Without a doubt my favourite so far. Its got everything I want my art to have in it all the time, skulls, tongues, wibbles, wobbles, drips, green, purple, bulgy things. sigh.

Ive been fully intending to do a proper tutorial on my blog for a while now but You buggers asking for tutorials are also asking for copius amounts of work out of me at the moment so juggle juggle go figure!

fun fun

see ya soon x

52 weeks of freaks update 16 - me vs. baby me

Yeah I found this at my mums: 


I drew this when I was around 4 years old (1994) I thought it was kinda cool cause you can see my warped and twisted little mind going into overtime even then.. My ideas havent changed, only my style with something like 21 extra years of having my nose pressed to paper constantly.

In honour to my infant self I decided to call this Donny Dumbfins because I think that would make child me laugh until snot bubbles came out of my face. Loved doing this one and saying Heloooo to my inner child! 

See you next week wee faces.